ALCHEM excels in providing great products in this ever-changing world. We believe in continuous innovation to provide the best quality products for everyone. Our professional expertise in chemical engineering enables us to supply exclusive products that suit the industries’ requirements.

C-SMARTSEAL range of products were developed for providing composite repair solutions for any system. MECSEALANT Adhesives and Sealants provides effective maintenance repair solutions. A-POLYSYS Polyurethane Chemicals. At the core of everyday life, our range of product have become vital for many complex systems.

Our research and development team continuously strives to innovate with the user’s feedbacks to produce products that suits industries practice and procedure. Each product is developed within a controlled environment to ensure the quality and simplicity in using ALCHEM’s products. We offer tailor-made products and repair solutions to the needs of requirements.


To listen attentively to the industries’ needs and develop great solutions to our clients, industries and the environment.


“REPAIR – REBUILD – RESOLVE” Anytime, Any day and Anywhere


The environment’s health and human well-being are interdependent. According to the World Health Organization, environmental causes are to blame for 24% of fatalities worldwide. People require healthy environments that are devoid of risks and hazardous substances, clean air to breathe, and freshwater to drink.

We must take action to undo these impacts and stop additional harm so that future generations can live in healthy environments. As we start to feel the long-term effects of exponential industrial growth and energy use, we must act to reverse these effects and avoid further damage. To help create vibrant communities and ensure future growth potential, corporations must commit to ecologically sustainable practices.

What is Environmental Sustainability?
In order to support health and welfare both today and in the future, it is necessary to safeguard global ecosystems and conserve natural resources. One of the most important aspects of environmental sustainability is its forward-looking orientation because so many decisions that have an influence on the environment are not recognized right away. In actuality, It is described as “filling today’s requirements without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs” by Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Regulations
Depending on the economic, social, and environmental circumstances of a given area, several standards for environmental sustainability may apply. The Government establishes guidelines for the quality of the air, water, soil, wildlife habitats, and carbon emissions, and it enacts these guidelines through monetary fines and legal action. Local, state, and provincial governments may also establish stricter regulations. For instance, older, less fuel-efficient automobile models and diesel vehicles are starting to be subject to restrictions in places like Madrid and Paris.

While adhering to the new circular sustainability business model, which promotes circular production rather than throwing broken products away, the repair procedure is less expensive than purchasing a new item. The world is concentrating on pressing issues including excessive trash production and climate change. Sustainable material development is becoming a growing concern as a replacement for materials that will likely be thrown away more frequently. The need can be satisfied by a variety of eco-friendly composite repair and rebuild materials.

ALCHEM specializes in providing quality composite repair products for the new change with extensive product support. Composite materials can be used extensively to improve life time of products by rebuilding material strength and save on expensive replacement costs.

Advantages of using ALCHEM’s Composite Repair Materials
Many of the best characteristics of conventional materials are combined in composites. A reinforcement material, typically a high-performance fiber like carbon fiber or fiberglass and epoxy resin are the two parts of a composite product. The reinforcement is bound together by the matrix, combining the advantages of the two original parts. Composites are enhancing material life and support products in a variety of sectors, including renewable energy, commercial building and semi-conductor industries. Composites continue to displace conventional replacement of equipment on an annual basis, thereby saving expensive budgets, downtime and operational costs. Fiber-reinforced composites like carbon fiber and fiberglass give engineers new reinforcement options as composite gain more visibility and design flexibility increases.


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