ALCHEM excels in providing great products in this ever-changing world. We believe in continuous innovation to provide the best quality products for everyone. Our professional expertise in chemical engineering enables us to supply exclusive products that suit the industries’ requirements.


C-SMARTSEAL range of products were developed for providing composite repair solutions for any system. MECSEALANT Adhesives and Sealants provides effective maintenance repair solutions. A-POLYSYS Polyurethane Chemicals. At the core of everyday life, our range of product have become vital for many complex systems.


Our research and development team continuously strives to innovate with the user’s feedbacks to produce products that suits industries practice and procedure. Each product is developed within a controlled environment to ensure the quality and simplicity in using ALCHEM’s products. We offer tailor-made products and repair solutions to the needs of requirements.




To listen attentively to the industries’ needs and develop great solutions to our clients, industries and the environment.




“REPAIR – REBUILD – RESOLVE” Anytime, Any day and Anywhere


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