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Technical Details

Pipe Material: PVC T-Joint

Pipe Size: Dia 150 mm

Pipe Medium: Waste Water

Leak Condition: 150 mm crack along T-Joint

System Pressure: 4 Bar

Leak Conditions

Leak was found on PVC T-Joint with a crack line of 150 mm. The system was holding a pressure of approx. 4 Bar. Repairing the T-joint with standard clamp was not feasible due to the odd shape of the pipe fittings. Alstern’s specialist was activated to provide immediate repair with C-SmartSeal Composite Materials.

 Leak Repair Solutions

Leak Repair was carried out under live leak condition and was fully sealed with interruption to the system operation. SmartStic Epoxy Stick (Underwater) was kneaded to 80% cured and anchored by Wrap-Pro Stainless-Steel clip. 60min was observed to ensure leak has been stopped. The self-adhesive QuikControl Sealing Tape was used to act as a water proof barrier and follow by the QuikControl Fiberglass Repair Tape to reinforcement and reinstate the repair area to build up the PVC pipe strength.


Leak Repair Method: Composite Live Leak Repair (no operation shutdown)

Leak Addressed Time: 2hours

Leak Repair Products: 

  1. SmartStic Epoxy Stick – Underwater
  2. Wrap-Pro Stainless-Steel clip
  3. QuikControl Sealing Tape
  4. QuikControl Fiberglass Repair Tape



Credits to Alstern Technologies’ Leak repair specialists and Alchem Manufacturing’s composite products

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