Leak Repair & Reinforcement Service

Leak Repair & Reinforcement Service

Our client is a well-known oil and gas company in Indonesia, with presence in many South East Asian countries. The sump tank at our client’s plant had heavy corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Due to the content of the tank, repair work to stop the leak had to be performed without hot works. For this reason, the client reached out to Alchem for our composite repair solutions.

Upon examination of the tank, our service specialists recommended a repair solution with our SmartStic® Epoxy Sticks, Fix’n’Fast Bond® Metal Repair Putty, CorSmart® Resin & Activator, CorSmart® Surface Tissue and SealXtreme® Repair Patch in order to repair the leaks and reinforce the tank.

Sump Tank
Physical Inspection of Tank
Minor Leak at Bottom of Tank

Before any repair works could be done, a thorough physical examination was conducted on the tank from top to bottom. The inspection revealed the most severe leaks to be at the lower half of the tank, with less severe leaks at the bottom of the tank.

For the more severe leaks, our specialists used our SmartStic® Epoxy Sticks and Fix’n’Fast Bond® Metal Repair Putty to repair the leaks and our CorSmart® Resin & Activator with our CorSmart® Surface Tissue to reinforce the leaks.
For the less severe leaks, the SealXtreme® Repair Patch was applied directly onto the cracks to stop the leaks.

Repair of Leak with Epoxy Stick
Repair of Leak with Epoxy Stick
Repair of Leak with Metal Repair Putty

Project Completion
Our client’s tank was not only repaired but also reinforced against future leaks and corrosion with our C-SmartSeal® repair, rebuilding, and reinforcement products.

Completed Repair with Resin & Activator and Surface Tissue
Completed Repair with Repair Patch
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