SSE201 – SMARTSTIC® Aluminium Epoxy Stick

SSE201 – SMARTSTIC® Aluminium Epoxy Stick


• Seal & stop cracks on pipes and repair and rebuild corroded materials
• Non-rusting, permanent repair for steel, bronze, aluminum castings, machinery and equipment
• Repair and rebuild strength on metal tools, engine parts, striped threads, rust or damaged metal, tanks, doors and gutters
• Bonds instantly with superior strength
• Can be drilled, tapped, machined, or fill up void
• Hand kneadable, pre-mixed reinforced epoxy-based formulation
• Cures at room temperature (23°C-28°C)
• SSE501 (underwater) can be cured with wet surface


• Clean or sand off existing area
• Mix two components together
• Apply it on any void or upon 80% cure for leak repair application
• SSE505 (underwater) repair, seal and stop live pipe leaks

* Best use with ‘WRAP-PRO® Stainless Steel Pipe Clip’ to secure
* For comprehensive repair, refer to ‘SEALXTREME® Composite Leak Repair System at page 4.


  • 114 gram/tube


  • Flexural Strength          :      4,200 psi
  • Compressive Strength :      3,423 psi
  • Hardness Shore (D)     :      77
  • Operating Temp            :      -50°C to 120°C
  • Curing Time (min)       :      20
  • Pot Life (min)                :      10
  • Coverage Per tube        :     9000 mm @6mm thick
  • IMPA                                 :     812176

SMARTSTIC® Epoxy Stick are hand-kneadable high performance metal-filled epoxies that bonds and cures rapidly at room temperature. It forms strong, permanent industrial repair on steel, bronze, Aluminum and wet surface applications.

Epoxy sticks are easily kneaded to fill and repair holes, cracks and defects on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The product does not crack or pull away. It can be drilled, tapped, machined, filled or painted after cure.