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Choosing PVC Pipes



Pipe Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Pipe Diameter: 150 mm

Pipe Medium: Industrial Waste Water

Leak Condition: 150 mm crack on T-Joint

System Pressure: 4 Bar


Leak was found on a PVC T-Joint with a crack line of 150 mm. The system was holding a pressure of 4 Bar. Repairing the T-joint with WRAP-PRO Standard Repair Clamp was not feasible due to the odd shape of the pipe fittings. Alstern’s specialist team was activated to provide immediate repair with C-SMARTSEAL Composite Repair Products.


Composite Live Leak Repair was carried out without interruption to overall system operation. SMARTSTIC Epoxy Stick Underwater was kneaded to 80% cure and applied to the leak area, supported by WRAP-PRO Stainless-Steel Pipe Clip. A gap of 60 minutes was observed to ensure leak at T-Joint had stopped. Then, self-fusing QUIKCONTROL Sealing Tape was wrapped to provide water-proofing, follow by this QUIKCONTROL Fiberglass Repair Tape was wrapped to reinforce PVC pipe strength.

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