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طقم إصلاح تسرب SEALXTREME

مجموعة أدوات إصلاح التسرب SEALXTREME مانعة للتسرب موجودة على الأنبوب في أقل من 30 دقيقة عندما يتم تصريف وسيط الأنبوب بدون ضغط. أقصى ضغط يمكن أن تتحمله مجموعة SEALXTREME Leak Repair Kit بعد العلاج حوالي 27 بار (400 رطل / بوصة مربعة). هذه مجموعة أدوات إصلاح التفاف مُصممة خصيصًا تتميز بالمتانة والفعالية من حيث التكلفة لإغلاق تسرب الأنابيب بقوة صناعية عالية.


صنع أنان سنغافورة

Overview of Composite Repair System


  • تحمل ضغط يصل إلى 27 بار (400 رطل / بوصة مربعة) ودرجة حرارة تصل إلى 120 درجة مئوية (248 درجة فهرنهايت) بعد المعالجة

  • أصلح التسريبات في أقل من 30 دقيقة

  • التطبيقية باليد

  • يعمل على كل من الأنابيب المعدنية وغير المعدنية

  • تعزيز المقاومة الكيميائية

  • إصلاح وإطالة عمر الأنابيب

  • صديق للبيئة ، يقلل من البصمة الكربونية

  • Repair odd-geometry shapes of flanges, reducers, manifolds, and pipe bends (elbow, tee)

  • Enhance chemical resistance

  • Eliminate expensive pipe replacement

  • Provides permanent solution

  • Environmentally friendly & Reduce carbon footprint

  • Applicable to both wet and dry surfaces


حدود المنتج

This versatile system is applicable to repair and reinforcement of pipes, tanks, vessels, and other complex geometry components (Flange, T-joint, Threaded fittings and more) in environments such as high pressure, temperature, steam, corrosive and wet-surfaces/under-water. Our unique solutions are developed as per international standards to protect, reinforce & repair your expensive systems.

Types of Composite Repair Systems

حدود المنتج

Offers permanent repair solutions addressing online (active) and offline leaks. In addition to this, the composite materials provide structural strengthening to extend service life of equipments and structures such as weakened pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Composite repair solution


Seals active high-temperature steam leak up to 280 °C. This is a specially formulated steam leak repair that conjoins carbon fiber and composite materials to form a durable and high strength repair system.



Seals active leak from flange to flange joint. This is an engineered technique to seal leak via a durable and secure anchor method. It can be applied within the limited width of flanges.



Seals leak in pipe threads. The composite repair consists of unique range of products that provide complete protection of pipe threads.

حدود المنتج


This systematic method uses non-intrusive corrosion remediation and reinforcement solutions without causing any significant disruption. In industrial setups, wear and tear due to constant usage and harsh environmental factors can lead to significant corrosion. Corrosion repair system is customized to not only remediate existing wall loss but also to strengthen structures, thereby increasing their resistance against future damage. This provides a shift from a purely reactionary approach to a more proactive one, focusing on prevention as much as on remediation. Also, the equipment's ability to operate under these original conditions ensures consistency in production quality and reduces the likelihood of operational downtime.

Composite repair solution

حدود المنتج

In addition to other repair solutions, we offer preventive solutions for structures experiencing corrosive chemical environments, accelerated wear and tear, extreme weather conditions and other environmental factors due to location of installation such as splash zones, underwater and underground. Our ASME-compliant solution applies to both new and old structures. Most commonly used to reinforce structures against potential structural damages, operational failures and other breakdowns of critical structures due to various environmental factors.

Protection and Prevention
معلومات تقنية
Service Pressure
138 bar (2000 psi)
Service temperature
-50 °C to 280 °C (-58 °F to 536 °F)
Dielectric Strength
16000 Volts
Application Temperature
0 °C to 120 °C (32 °F to 248 °F)
Flexural Strength
1310 bar (19000 psi)
Tensile Strength
1517 bar (22000 psi)

Technical data varies based on combination of products implemented.

Technical Data
معلومات تقنية


This self-help guide is for quick reference only, actual requirements may vary.

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