WHO we are?

Alchem Manufacturing excels in providing great products in this ever-changing world. We believe in continuous innovation to provide the best quality assured products to everyone. Alchem Manufacturing gel technologies and professional expertise to provide exclusive chemical related products to suit industrial requirements.

C-SmartSeal®, the product brand under Alchem, features products to repair, rebuild, and resolve repair difficulties. Our research and engineering team continuously strive to innovate, improve, and offer tailor-made products and solutions to the specific needs. Our composite products excel industrial standards across regions.

Product Categories
C-SmartSeal® product range include:

Composite Pipe Repair & Reinforcement, Leak Repair & Reinforcement, Corrosion Protection & Reinforcement, Detailed Component Repair & Rebuilding,Maintenance, Assembly & Rebuilding

  • MECSEALANT® Adhesives & Sealants
    MECSEALANT range of products offers...
Our Portfolio

At the core of everyday life, C-SmartSeal® has become vital solutions in many systems and machinery. C-SmartSeal® provides composite repair solutions for Commercial Building Facilities, Industrial, Oil and Gas, Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Water / Wastewater Distribution, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing plants and Marine industries.

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